Academic Components

The AFLI Portuguese academic program at Universidade Eduardo Mondlane will include approximately 20 hours per week of small-group Portuguese instruction plus Portuguese-language classes in Mozambican history, arts and culture. Students will devote four hours weekly to individual work with a language partners. Language classes will meet five days a week. Bi-weekly local excursions will be incorporated in the curriculum to complement classroom activities. All language instructors are professional teachers of the target language.


Students receive academic credit from Bryn Mawr College for their participation in the language courses administered by American Councils upon completion of the program. At the end of the program students will receive the following credits for the courses listed below:

Undergraduates: Four (4) units (16 credits)

Graduates: Three (3)  units (15 credits)

NB:Bryn Mawr College uses the unit system where one (1) undergraduate academic unit is equivalent to four (4) undergraduate semester credit hours and one (1) graduate academic unit is equivalent to five (5) graduate semester credit hours.

As each college and university has its own regulations regarding credit transfer, the participant should contact his or her home school to determine how much of this credit may be transferred upon completion of the program. We strongly recommend that this be done before the student leaves the United States. There is often a delay be­tween the end of the program and the issue of official transcripts by Bryn Mawr Col­lege. If you are a graduating senior, this delay can cause problems if arrangements have not been made in advance.

Courses Offered

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