Quick Program Facts

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Host Institution: The West African Research Center (WARC)

Duration: One Semester

Fall 2019 Program Dates: August 12- November 22, 2019


Overseas Program 

The overseas program administered by American Councils is open to Boren Scholars and Fellows. Applicants must plan to first participate in the summer African Flagship Languages Initiative program, at The University of Florida which has a French language pre-requisite of ILR 1+ level  or above in French. The proficiency goal for all French Boren Scholars and Fellows will be to minimally reach ILR 2+ level  proficiency following completion of the fall semester in Senegal. The program aims to enable participants achieve strong linguistic skills in French while gaining broad regional and cultural experience in West Africa. The regional experience will be enhanced through home stays, peer tutoring, content courses focusing on culture, history, politics, etc., excursions, short term internships or service learning opportunities. Participants will also be required to learn Wolof.


Funding Opportunities

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