An essential component of the AFLI-Swahili program is the opportunity to live with a Tanzanian host-family. All participants will live with a Swahili speaking family. The home stay offers a unique cultural experience meant to complement the academic program by significantly enhancing students’ Swahili language exposure and proficiency. 

Host families are chosen using a careful selection process and monitored throughout the program by the local homestay coordinator and the resident director. Placements are made with consideration for student preferences and special requirements. In addition, best efforts are made to match students with families sharing their interests. Each location is checked for security, proximity to the university and transportation routes, safety, and overall living conditions.

Host families are also typically students’ first entry point into the Usa River community and thus serve as an important factor in students’ integration in Tanzania. Students emerge from the homestay experience with a deeper understanding of daily life and culture in this part of Tanzania. And the relationships students develop within their homestay and the experiences they have as a result are often some of the most meaningful parts of students’ time in the program. 

What to Know:

  • Each student is placed individually with a host-family where they are accommodated in a private room with a bed, mosquito net, some storage space, and a desk.
  • The homestay will be students’ primary residence throughout the program; with the exception of independent travel, students are expected to consistently sleep with their host family
  • All selected host families are trained prior to students’ arrival and are located in the Usa River area typically between 1 – 4.5 km from MS-TCDC
  • Students are matched with families based on the preferences they list in the homestay form they submit as part of the application process