The internship component of the AFLI-Portuguese program is designed to significantly enhance each student’s language ability and professional experience in their field of interest. Through the internship experience, students will have opportunities to apply their high-level language and cultural comprehension in a professional Portuguese language setting. The experience also offers students the chance to become more independent navigating Mozambique and to build their own professional networks. Students work closely with the and Resident Director to find and secure a substantial internship with an organization based in Maputo. All internships will be conducted in a predominately Portuguese-speaking professional setting. 

Students come away from the internship experience with:

  • Strengthened Portuguese language skills
  • Better understanding of and ability to navigate professional work culture in Mozambique
  • Insight into the operation of organizations/institutions in Mozambique
  • Understanding of their specific area/industry of interest
  • Clarification of personal and professional goals