Bridging Languages and CulturesLaura Jagla, a 2013 AFLI Portuguese participant, continues providing readers with valuable cultural insight from Mozambique in "The Korbel Report," an internationally focused blog by students in the Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. The AFLI program thanks Laura for her work and encourages all participants, past and current, to share their experiences abroad.


My goal as a Boren Scholar was to learn about the social, economic, and political history and development of Mozambique, and to be able to write about it in Portuguese. I never expected that I'd be able to do so in such a short time especially as I came into the AFLI program with zero background in Portuguese and almost no Spanish.

-Joanne, 2014



Participating in the AFLI Program in Mozambique has been one of the greatest adventures of my life. By studying at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane and being immersed in Mozambican life, my Portuguese skills were able to develop quickly and progress continuously. I even picked up a few words in the local language, Changana. I made wonderful connections with my professors and lasting friendships with the other students, both in the AFLI program and at the university. Maputo is an interesting city full of history, people and surprises. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable study abroad experience.

-Jacqueline, 2014